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Prayer Alerts as of Arpil 17, 2015

.Date: April 19 - April 25, 2015





Immediate Prayer Alerts...

Continuing Prayer Alerts...

Jessica Stone & family - loss of her mother, Janet Niemeyer

Amanda Martinez - cancer/surgery 4/17 -
Ann Griffin's sister

Mary Jo Coates - cancer/hospitalized - Carolyn Vardeman's

Hannah Koop - surgery 4/16 for a feeding tube & a port -
Mary Ann Mills' granddaughter

Virginia Darnell - health issues - Andrea Walker's mother

Dean Hill - scope on his right knee 4/20 - prayer for
continued improvement on his journey to better hearing

Brian Gutierrez - pneumonia - 9 month old son of a
co-worker of Carla Thomas

Don Martindale & family in the loss of his sister,
Kathy Wortham

New born baby, Judson - survived heart surgery 4/13 -
will be hospitalized for 4-6 weeks - Tim & Pam Howard's

Randy Rogers - surgery to remove a large melanoma
from his head - Lucy Dugger's great-nephew

Sandy DeGaugh - health concerns - Lucy Dugger's niece

Betty Drury & family - loss of her son, Rev. James Drury

Martice & Charlene Vardeman - sever health concerns -
Don Vardeman's brother & sister-in-law

Danny Butler - heart attack - Darrell Owen's cousin

Tom Wooten - Hospice Care - David Thomas' cousin

Donna Penney - cancer/to see surgeon & oncologist

Praise : Darrell Owen - heart cath. 4/10 went well -
placed one stint

Margaret Salinas - final stages of life - Richard Vela's

Carolyn Biles - back surgery 4/15 - Scott & White - friend
of Susan Malone








Pray for those who don't know Christ to come to Him
Pray for those struggling with long-term illness
Prayer for our natio
.........Revival would come to America
.........Our President & leaders of our nation
Prayer for our church
.........Our ministers & staff
........ Our SMBS teachers/leaders
........ Current Emphases
.........-Watchman Prayer Ministry
.........-Kids Hope USA Mentoring Program
.........-Treehouse Ministry
........ -Joshua Whetstine & the WHY Church
.............. (New Hope, MN)
.........-Worship Leader Search Team
.........-Adult Mission Trip to Minnesota 6/22
.........-Youth Mission Trip to Oregon 6/22


Ongoing Prayer Alerts...


Winnette Sullivan - health concerns - Lana Woods' mother

Sue Woods - hospitalized in Oklahoma - serious health
concerns - Noel & Lana Woods' sister-in-law

Mark & Pam Buckingham & friends of theirs - both
families are having financial & health concerns - friends
of Jacky & Darlene Wallace

Sue Jett & family - loss of her husband, Ronnie

Ann Feind - thyroid cancer/surgery 4/2 went well -
cancer contained in the thyroid

Cindy Jones & her 2 daughters - car accident - Cindy is
in critical condition - daughters are doing alright

Praise : Steve Sanders - doing well after gallbladder surgery

Dale Sanders - Steve Sanders' father - procedure for back
issue - causing leg pain

Joe Jackson - doing better - still has pneumonia

Sulema Trickett - health concerns

Kendall Odom - scan/test

Cameron Byrd family - 21 yr. old son killed in accident

Shirley Bowerman - recovering from knee replacement
surgery 4/8 - will be released from rehab 4/17

Jesse Dugger - surgery to remove a skin cancer from his
wrist 4/14 went well

Cindi Haverlah - liver & colon cancer - Mary & Aubrey
Marshall's daughter

Jordan Lindley - 2 yrs old - needs to have a heart
transplant - relative of Joni Kapavik

Paul Robinson - cancer - Rosemary Owens' son-in-law

Donna Offutt - battling cancer/side effects of chemo -
Rita Sowers' sister

Evalyn Kaylor - now at Royal Manor II











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