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Prayer Alerts as of May 29, 2015

.Date: May 31, 2015 - June 6, 2015





Immediate Prayer Alerts...

Continuing Prayer Alerts...

Cindy Coates Mauldin - heart attack - lives in Abilene -
Carolyn Vardeman's niece

Jeanie Pierce & family - loss of her husband, Warren

John & Betty Seaman - both have health concerns

Lenola Alford - compression fracture in her back - to have
procedure 6/1 - Sherry Havens' mother

Gunner Fagan - broken leg - 18 month old grandson of
Randy & Suzanne Levy

James Parker - another hip surgery 5/28

Robert Talley - hip surgery 5/26 - Scott & White

Cayla Davis - car accident - severe head trauma - family
friend of Laura Hall

Kay Meadows - Hillcrest ICU - pneumonia

Barbara Huber - Hillcrest - Room 1417 - several health

Praise: Donna Penney - successful lumpectomy - will
probably undergo radiation treatment

Amanda Martinez - chemo therapy treatment -
Ann Griffin's sister

Jaimee Harris - diagnosed with thyroid cancer - surgery is
tentative after 6/1 - Chris & Meredith Harris' daughter

Elizabeth George - Providence - Cathy Hill's mother

Robinson High School students and families

Kendall Wilson - recovering from surgery to remove a
cyst from her foot

Don McCauley - appointment at M.D. Anderson 5/22

Praise: Greer Marion Hall born 5/18 - proud grandparents,
Lloyd & Laura Hall

Waco and the Police Department as they work through
the events that recently took place








Pray for those who don't know Christ to come to Him
Pray for those struggling with long-term illness
Prayer for our natio
.........Revival would come to America
.........Our President & leaders of our nation
Prayer for our church
.........Our ministers & staff
........ Our SMBS teachers/leaders
........ Current Emphases
.........-Watchman Prayer Ministry
.........-Kids Hope USA Mentoring Program
.........-Treehouse Ministry
........ -Joshua Whetstine & the WHY Church
.............. (New Hope, MN)
.........-Worship Leader Search Team
.........-Pre-teen Camp 6/8-12
.........-Adult Mission Trip to Minnesota 6/22
.........-Youth Mission Trip to Oregon 6/22
.........-Student Life Camp - UT Arlington 7/20-24
.........-VBS Backyard Bible Clubs - 7/26-30



Ongoing Prayer Alerts...


Ken & Burianella Green - both have health concerns

Martice Vardeman - ICU in Arlington - breathing problems

Deborah Coe - hospitalized with MRSA/surgery - being
moved to a critical care facility in Oklahoma City -
Ken & Burianella Green's daughter

Chloe - pray that she will go to youth camp - McKenna Lucas
(Lana & Noel Woods' granddaughter)

Carolyn Vardeman - loss of her sister, Mary Jo Coates

Koen Nunez - hit by a car - care flighted to Texas Children's
Hospital in Houston - surgery for broken bones in his leg -
Jon & Annie Botsford's great-grandson

Ralph D'Herde & family - loss of his dad

Newborn baby, Judson - doing better after heart surgery &
surgery to clean out infection -Tim & Pam Howard's

Praise: Ronnie Tanner - has completed his radiation treatment

Patricia Taylor - loss of her son - friend of Linda Kerr

Praise : Landon Cody Harvey - born 5/4 - proud parents,
Cody & Allison Harvey - proud grandparents,

Jerry & Gina George - proud great-grandma, Connie Harwell

Linda Warren & family - loss of her husband, Bobby

Drew Leonberger's mother - biopsy on nodules in her neck

Angee Copeland - health concerns - J.D. & Sharon Copeland's











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