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Prayer Alerts as of August 29, 2014

Week 36 Date: August 31 - September 6, 2014

40 On reaching the place, he said to them, "Pray that you will not fall into temptation."
Luke 22:40 (NIV)







Immediate Prayer Alerts...

Continuing Prayer Alerts...

Bobby Smith - health concerns/test results & Elaine Smith -
strength & peace as she cares for him - Lisa Church's parents

Stephanie Cherry - health concerns - Rita Sowers' daughter

Lillian Stephens - broken foot/surgery - former member

Pam Barron - malignant melanoma/surgery -
Connie Harwell's sister-in-law

Pam Howard - having a problem with nausea due to her pain meds (has a broken arm)

Rhett - preliminary diagnosis of ALS - more testing - friend of
Barry Williams

Eddie Robertson - waiting for kidney transplant - friend of
Linda & Lamar Lampert

Shelby Kuykendall - 7 yrs old - prayer that she will have
improvement from an eye surgery - submitted by
Terri Dawson

Terri Dawson's daughter, Heather - prayer that she will lead
her college roommate to the Lord

Peace & provision for those employees at L3 who have been
laid off

Juanita Shaeffer - loss of her sister, Peggy Hoyle

Andrea Walker's mother, Virginia, - prayer for wisdom for
the doctors treating her

Speedy Thomas - biopsy 8/25 to see how far cancer has
spread - David Thomas' dad

The students as they start back to school & those starting
their college careers

Susi Canuteson - hip replacement surgery 9/9 - friend of
Jeanie Collier

Dwane Guinn & family - loss of his wife, Barbara

Camron Mills - surgery to repair a torn ligament on 8/20 went well - Robert & Donna Mills' son

Bill Connally - heart cath/stints 8/19 - Boyd Connally's dad

Praise: - Gloria Smith - cancer doctor saw no need for more surgery at this time

The family of Frank McMillen - family friend of
Kathy Hartin

Case D'Herde - shoulder surgery 8/19 went well

Robert Talley & family - loss of his dad, Winn Talley

Connie Martindale & family - loss of her mother,
Mattie Cotten

The family of Tommie Neal





Pray for those who don't know Christ to come to Him
Pray for those struggling with long-term illness
Prayer for our natio
.........Revival would come to America
.........Our President & leaders of our nation
Prayer for our church
.........Our ministers & staff
........ Our SMBS teachers/leaders
........ Current Emphases
.........-Watchman Prayer Ministry
.........-Kids Hope USA Mentoring Program
.........-Treehouse Ministry
........ -Joshua Whetstine & the WHY Church
(New Hope, MN)


Ongoing Prayer Alerts...


LaVern Benson - heart problems/diabetes - Jesse Dugger's

Praise: Harrison Davis - newborn son of Jon & Kristen Davis
- released from the hospital - now home

The Davis/Lewis family - loss of Dillon Davis - killed in car
accident - 25 yr. old nephew of Braxton Lewis

Hazel Turner - surgery 8/12 - Juanita Shaeffer's mother

Dwayne Montigny - major hip surgery 8/13 - has not walked
in a year due to injuries from a car accident

Walton Jones - released from the hospital - will go to a Dallas
rehab facility - friend of Claudia Antis

Marvin Shilling - personal concerns

Joyce Griffin - shoulder replacement surgery 8/19 - rehab at
Royal Manor II

Tom & Grace Bell - health concerns - Linda Connally's

Praise: Charles Martin Davis & Harrison Bradley Davis -
born 8/7 - proud parents Jon & Kristen Davis

Bill Hannes - cancer/chemo - Bob & Jean Chapman's

Linda Peters - health concerns - friend of Janna Gipson











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