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Prayer Alerts as of January 23, 2015

.Date: January 25 - January 31, 2015





Immediate Prayer Alerts...

Continuing Prayer Alerts...

Margaret Wallace - now on Hospice Care - Jacky Wallace's
mother - prayer for peace & comfort for her

Joann Smith - recovering from surgery 1/21 - dealing with
a lot of pain - Jerry & Jeanie Collier's daughter

Robert Mayes - surgery 1/30 at M.D. Anderson to remove
a brain tumor - Michelle Mayes' husband

Praise: Dustin Leutwyler - doing well after heart ablation
1/20 - Ina Jackson's nephew

Toby Sepulveda - extensive surgery to remove a pancreatic
tumor/cancer - Ducky Bledsoe's son-in-law &
Ina Jackson's niece's husband

Praise: Helen Wright - doing well after heart by-pass
surgery 1/21 - friend of Ina Jackson

Praise: Great Mpact Weekend

The family of Rev. Mickey Wootan - Bro. Roy's cousin

The family of June Forsythe

James Millsap - Temple VA Hospital ICU - Shirley Oliver &
Sharon Cumby's dad

Marilyn Jarvis - stage 1 cancer/surgery 1/23 -
Pam Howard's cousin

Officer Ann Thompson (Hewitt PD) - hand surgery 1/23

Chuck Howard - thyroid surgery 1/15 - went well






Pray for those who don't know Christ to come to Him
Pray for those struggling with long-term illness
Prayer for our natio
.........Revival would come to America
.........Our President & leaders of our nation
Prayer for our church
.........Our ministers & staff
........ Our SMBS teachers/leaders
........ Current Emphases
.........-Watchman Prayer Ministry
.........-Kids Hope USA Mentoring Program
.........-Treehouse Ministry
........ -Joshua Whetstine & the WHY Church
.............. (New Hope, MN)
.........-Worship Leader Search Team


Ongoing Prayer Alerts...


Praise: Dean Hill - implant processor was turned on - he heard high pitched sounds he has not heard in 50 years

Kenneth Henager - loss of his sister, Ruby Myrtle Durst

Jerry Collier - dealing with back pain

Hannah Koop - continued health concerns/treatment -
Mary Ann Mills' granddaughter

Bill Hannes - cancer - Bob & Jean Chapman's son-in-law

Chandra Richardson & family - loss of her dad, R.W. Coon

David Thomas & family - loss of his dad, Speedy Thomas

Don Vardeman & family - loss of his brother, Jerry

Marian Powers - transferred to Round Rock facility for
physical therapy - family member of Maurine Frost

Carolyn Biles - back problem - to see surgeon - friend of
Susan Malone

Praise: Michael Carter - successful surgery for a brain
tumor 1/6 - prayer of continued recovery

Kathy Acosta - loss of her husband, Jesse

Praise: Kyndall Ramsey - out of ICU & out of the coma
- hit by an SUV - granddaughter of Beverly Ramsey

Brittney Barganier - recovering from surgery to repair
a broken ankle

Austin Smith - Jerry & Jeanie Collier's grandson - surgery
1/9 to repair a deep cut in his finger

Patsy - Tonya Kennington's aunt - stroke, waiting to be
moved to rehab. in Oklahoma

Katie & Allyson Boen, grandchildren of Robert &
Jackie Talley - loss of their father, Jody











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